About Us

Wayne State University (WSU) is home to approximately 3000 international students and visiting scholars from around 100 countries. The Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) was established to aid these individuals in their educational and scholarly pursuits at WSU. This is accomplished by providing quality service, facilitating important linkages to the campus and community, offering cross-cultural educational programs and activities, and assisting in important matters related primarily to immigration regulation compliance.

Our office aims to serve as the primary link for international students and scholars to the University, community, federal government, and public and private agencies and organizations. In addition, OISS strives to promote a positive cross-cultural environment through international education and exchange, and by serving as the "gateway to the world" through international and cross-cultural educational programs provided to the University and surrounding community.

The following four goals serve as the basis for staff efforts:

  1. Quality Service – To efficiently and effectively serve the needs of international students and scholars, their families, the University and the greater community. 
  2. Partnerships – To create strong linkages with WSU units and the surrounding community. 
  3. Cross-Cultural Education – To promote cross-cultural communication and educational awareness among students and scholars, faculty and staff, and the surrounding community. 
  4. Regulation Compliance – To promote awareness, understanding, compliance, and influence changes in University, state and federal policies and regulation. 

Specifically, OISS staff:

  • advise and counsel students and scholars on matters pertaining to immigration regulations, and issues of cross-cultural adjustment; 
  • provide students and scholars with educational, cultural, and social programs and activities including a comprehensive orientation program and written material designed to help them achieve their educational and personal goals at WSU
  • assist University departments in the hiring of international employees by processing necessary immigration petitions with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, Department of Labor, and United States Information Agency; 
  • consult and interact with administrative units at WSU, governmental organizations and other agencies; 
  • serve as a focal point for campus and community services to meet the needs of students and scholars; 
  • provide cross-cultural workshops and training seminars on campus and in the community; and 
  • work with campus academic and academic support units to help define and achieve institutional goals related to international education and exchange

New international students and scholars receive the OISS welcome booklet with their visa document prepared by the Admissions Office. The booklet provides information on a wide variety of important topics to these individuals before they leave their home country. Among the subjects covered in the booklet are housing, health insurance, expenses, immigration status, and local climate and airport transportation. 

New students and scholars report to the OISS soon after their arrival and participate in a comprehensive orientation program. This program is designed to meet their immediate needs in terms of housing information and university registration procedures; introduce them to U.S. culture and the educational system at WSU; and provide information on banking, health insurance, safety and immigration regulations. In addition, a number of social and recreational programs and activities are planned to assist students and scholars in making a smooth transition to their new environment.

For more information, contact:

Office of International Students and Scholars 

42 W. Warren
416 Welcome Center
Detroit, Michigan 48202
Phone (313) 577-3422
Fax (313) 577-2962

Or e-mail us at: oissmail@wayne.edu