History of OISS


September 1951

Thirty-seven new students reported to the Foreign Student Office.

October 1951

About 50 students from 16 different countries were enrolled in the Fall 1951 term. The foreign Student Office was located on the 4th floor of the Student Center in Room 404. Mr. Hedley Stacey was the Foreign Student Advisor. The first meeting of the International Student Society (ISS) was held October 5, 1951.

September 1954

The international student population has grown to over 600 students from 70 countries. Mr. Virgil Lougheed was the foreign student advisor and Miss Pat Lackie was the receptionist

March 1955

The ISS elected new officers for the 1995-1956 academic year.

June 1955

Several foreign students donated honorariums for the purpose of increasing the Foreign Student Loan Fund. Mr. Howard Eldridge organized an International Educational Exhibit to be shown to students and adults in schools. The exhibit consisted of educational material from foreign nations and focused on creating more kindly feelings toward other people throughout the world.

July 1956

On July 1, 1956 Wayne University officially became Wayne State University.

October 1958

For the first time in history of the Foreign Student Office, an orientation weekend was held at a campsite, for new arrivals. Faculty members, as well as student leaders were on hand to discuss problems mall new-comers will face and possible preventions. When was Dr. Virgil Longheed appointed to lead to Foreign Student Office?

January 1959

Foreign Student Office anticipated 30 new student arrivals from around the world and planned an orientation program for them.

February 1959

FSO announced plans for a field trip to tour Lansing and the state capital in early March with a chance to meet with Governor G. Mennen Williams. Cost of the trip is $5.00.

May 1959

A reflection from Hani Fakhouri a Jordanian student is really quite good. He said, "Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is to make you do the thing you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not; it is the first lesson that ought to be learned; and however early a man's training begins, it is probably the last lesson that he learns thoroughly."

July 1959

Tour month Students visited local areas such as Fort Wayne Military Museum, Greenfield Village, Ford Museum, Cranbrook Science Institute and Ford Research and Engineering Center.

August 1959

Mr. Hubert Locke rejoined the Foreign Student Office staff while Miss Sally Slagle left to return to Scotland.

September 1959

The school bell rang...

December 1959

Wayne Christian Fellowship announced its sponsorship of a camp for international students, to be held on, Wednesday evening December 30 to Friday morning, January 1.

January 1960

770 foreign students enrolled at Wayne for the winter term, 235 Canadians, 269 on permanent visas and 273 on temporary basis. The largest group (32) of temporary students is from India.

October 1960

The Automobile Manufacturers Association extended an invitation to all foreign students to attend the National Automobile Show on October 19 at Cobo Hall. The Detroit Branch of the Hungarian Freedom Fighters Federation hosted a program commemorating the 4th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Guest speakers were Lt. Gov. John Swainson, Mayor Louis C. Miriani, Professor Ferenc Vali of Harvard University, and Dean Harlan Hagman, Wayne State University.

January 1961

A total of 788 non-citizens, 387 of whom are on temporary visas representing 68 countries registered for the winter term. Largest representation is from Canada - 123; India - 49; Greece - 24; Japan - 19; Israel -15; China - 14; Jordan - 12; and Indonesia - 10.

April 1961

Thirty-seven foreign students left Sunday, April 2 for a trip to New York City sponsored by the International Student Society with a side trip to Niagara Falls.

April 1962

Miss Stella Politis, Assistant Foreign Student Advisor, returned from a 17 month sabbatical in Sao Paulo, Brazil and has rejoined the staff. Several students toured the Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant and Greenfield Village in Late April.

October 1962

Miss Barbara Moldenhauer joined the Foreign Student Office staff as a new secretary.

November 1962

Michigan Supreme Court Justice Paul L. Adams attended the annual United Nations Tea of the International Student Society of Wayne State University.

February 1963

Dr. Virgil Lougheed was elected vice-president of the Detroit Chapter of the American Association for the United Nations. Miss Barbara Moldenhauer, Foreign Student Office secretary, was elected Sergeant-at-arms of Phi Gamma Nu, professional business sorority.

May 1963

Miss Stella Politis was accepted as a participant in the 1963 Asian Seminar sponsored by World University Services and the YWCA and subsidized by the State Department. She will leave June 10 and return September 1. Her itinerary includes most of the Pacific Rim countries

November 1963

he roster of non-citizens at Wayne State University now stands near 1000. This figure includes 100 Staff persons teaching or doing research, and some 400 students on immigrant visas. The Fall Orientation Program for new arrivals was expanded to 10 days.

October 1964

An invitation was extended to the Foreign Student Office for and interested foreign student to attend the Election Night Parties given by the Democratic and Republican State Committees. The Foreign Student Office planned a series of seminar discussions for the winter term. The framework for these discussions will focus on the "Great Decisions... 1965" and the series will be prepared by the Foreign Policy Association.

February 1965

The Foreign Student Office will sponsor a special in-depth travel program, "A Profile of Rural America." This trip takes students through the rich farmlands of Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and South Dakota.

May 1965

The Foreign Student Office along with the College of Nursing sponsored a trip to Holland, Michigan to attend the colorful Tulip Festival

January 1966

The Foreign Student Office once again will continue to sponsor the discussion series "Great Decisions... 1966". This program allows for American and Foreign students an opportunity to discuss world problems and issues in an informal framework. The Foreign Student Office announced that it will sponsor an 8-day trip for non-citizens to our nation's capital in late March.

March 1966

The Foreign Student Office hosted the NAFSA regional conference held on the campus of Wayne State University. One of the many highlights of the conference was a panel presentation and discussion on "American - Foreign Student Relationships." The panel was composed of four Wayne students, two from Detroit, one from Ethiopia and one from Germany.

April 1966

The Foreign Student Office again chartered a bus to attend the Annual Tulip Festival in Holland, Michigan. For many years foreign students have enjoyed this one day trip. Seven foreign students from around the world accompanied by Dr. Lougheed had an opportunity to hear Madam Chiang Kai-shek speak at the Economic Club of Detroit.

July 1966

The Foreign Student Office sponsored Free Tours during the summer term. Transportation was free and a nominal $0.25 charge was administered for admission to the Detroit Zoo, Greenfield Village or Cranbrook.

September 1966

Mr. Robert Luther joined the Foreign Student Office staff as an Assistant Foreign Student Advisor. A "Get Acquainted Party" for newcomers was jointly sponsorship by the Foreign Student Office and the International Student Society

December 1966

The Foreign Student Office was again asked to conduct a program for 65 visitors from 25 countries during the Holiday Closure period surrounding a ten-day Mid-Winter Leadership Seminar. Coordinating the hospitality efforts of 14 University student organizations was the major focus of the Foreign Student Office during this seminar.

April 1967

As in past years the Foreign Student Office was empowered by the Immigration and Naturalization Service to grant permission to those foreign non-immigrant students needing summer employment. Applications for work authorization were made available and a Summer Employment Seminar was held in late April.

June 1967

Mr. Robert Luther who joined the Foreign Student Office staff in September 1966 has accepted an offer from Eastern Michigan University from whence he came to Wayne State University. Regrets for his July departure were expressed but best wishes to him and his families for his continued success were given.

August 1967

Mr. Bryan John Smith from the International Institute joined the Foreign Student Office replacing Mr. Luther.

December 1967

Success breeds further success as the Department of State once again asked the Foreign Student Office to sponsor a Mid-Winter Leadership Seminar for the Agency for International Development (A.I.D.). Forty participants will be our guests during the Holiday season.

March 1968

Dr. Lougheed announced the Foreign Student Office would be conducting a special project known as "Developing Perspectives." The aim of the project is vast but in its development will serve an immediate and strictly utilitarian end. The project involves the collection of slides from many foreign countries as are represented foreign students at Wayne State University.

April 1968

Again, a seven day Northern Michigan bus trip will be hosted by the Foreign Student Office. The trip is scheduled to leave Detroit on June 15 and visit Traverse City, Mackinaw City, Sault St. Marie, and Bay Port returning to Detroit on June 22.

October 1968

The Foreign Student Office and The League of Women Voters of Detroit sponsored a dramatic presentation in dance and spoken word on United Nations Day. Scholars from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe and North America spoke on the view of their countries. Mainland China and Taiwan were also heard.

February 1969

After many years the Weekly International Coffee Hour moved to the Hilberry Lounge on the New University Center.

April 1969

In an effort to raise funds for the International Coffee Hour the Foreign Student Office sponsored an International Buffet in the University Center. The buffet had foods from other lands prepared by the University Catering Service.

October 1969

The Foreign Student Office clarified the issue of withholding FICA taxes for F-1, J-1 or J-2 employees that are here on a temporary basis. The burden is placed on the employee to inform the employer of his/her visa status.

December 1969

The Foreign Students Office continued to sponsor tours to Ford Motor Company and Greenfield Village during the holidays.

March 1970

Joyce Rader accepted a new position in the Office of Campus Planning. Joyce has been a secretary in the Foreign Student Office for three years.

September 1970

As in the past the Foreign Student Office periodically publishes "Crossroads." This publication provides the international community with information germane to their organization or ethnic club. In addition, Crossroads alerts the international student on issues that are required to adhere to while in the United States.

October 1970

The Mayor's United Nations Committee, the Center for the Study of War and Peace, and the Foreign Student Office planned a week-long program in honor of the 25th anniversary of the United Nations. Also a call to the international community to form a strong committee to consider having an International Fair sometime in the spring was initiated.

January 1971

The call for formation of an International Fair committee in October was realized with a formal meeting held in Late January. Following up on suggestion from many of the foreign students the Foreign Student Office published a survey on student interests.

February 1971

Chairmen were elected at the last meeting of the International Fair Committee and a tentative date was set for Mid-May. This event was promoted to raise funds for foreign student scholarships.

May 1971

The International Fair Committee issued a final plea to anyone interested in helping with the Fair of International Fair scheduled for May 14th. The fair billed out as "All Day on The Mall" with an International Cabaret following the festivities from 8:30 PM to 11:00 PM in the University Center Building.

September 1971

It was announced The First Annual Fall Art Fair would be held October 7, 8, and 9 and was open to all student. Many of the international students participated.

December 1971

The Foreign Student Office hosted a Christmas Open House on December 20, in the International Lounge in Mackenzie Hall. Again, there were 41 participants to the Agency for International Development for the 7 day Mid-Winter Community Seminar sponsored by the Foreign Student Office.

January 1972

The Foreign Student Office provided information on Study, Travel, and Work Opportunities Abroad for those students interested in going overseas for the summer of for a school year.

February 1972

The International Fair Committee began planning for the second annual International Fair to be held in the spring.

April 1972

The International Fair Committee announced that the 2nd Annual International Fair would be held on May 12 with 14 international clubs and societies participating in the all day event.

May 1972

The 2nd Annual International Fair began at 9:00 AM without a hitch and 20 international groups participated. As was last year a cabaret followed at 8:00 PM.

June 1972

Dr. Lougheed was the focus of an interview by WMZK-FM 98 regarding immigration problems, job opportunities, tuition fees, etc., and in general how to improve the relationship between the foreign students the University and the society in which we live.

September 1972

Wayne State University President Gr. George E. Gullen invited all students and faculty on temporary visas to be his gust at a reception on October 12, in the Alumni House. Governor William G. Milliken declared October 22-29 to be Michigan International Week

December 1972

The Foreign Student Office continued as in past years to host an Open House and to sponsor tours to Ford Motor Company and Henry Ford Museum.

March 1973

As a result of last year's International Fair success, the 1972 committee made available approximately $1,300 dollars for scholarship grants. Applicants must be full time students on F-1 visas who have completed at lease two quarters at Wayne State University. The amount of the scholarship is limited to $200 and the award must be used to pay tuition costs. The first meeting for the 3rd International Fair Committee is scheduled for early March.

May 1973

The 3rd Annual International Fair was scheduled for May 18th on the Mall and the format will be the same as previous years which have been very successful. Also, after a long and lustrous career in the Foreign Student Office, Dr. Virgil R Lougheed will retire at the end of this month. The Virgil R. Lougheed Foreign Student Scholarship Fund is being established to honor Dr. Lougheed at a reception scheduled for May 29th in the Alumni Lounge.

September 1973

A new Director and a new name... Dr. Gale Maclane Martin assumed the Directorship of the Office of International Student Services and Activities. Dr. Martin comes to us from the University of South Carolina where he was Assistant Dean of the Division of Advanced Studies and Research - Graduate School.

October 1973

President George E. Gullen again hosted a reception for foreign faculty, staff and students on October 18. The Office of International Student Services and Activities hosted a trip to the Autumn Harvest Festival at Greenfield Village.

December 1973

In October Dr. Martin and Mr. Brian Smith attended the planning meeting of the Michigan National Association for Foreign Student Affairs. In November Sra. Cipriani Schelbe, Director of the Fulbright Commission, United States Embassy in Rome visited Wayne State University and our office. The ISO staff was pleased to hear comments about the Fulbright programs.

January 1974

The OIS (Office of International Student Services and Activities) explored the possibility of conducting a "co-operative" buying club for the purpose of obtaining better quality fresh fruit and vegetables.

February 1974

The 4th Annual International Fair committee met and issued a call for more workers to participate in the event to lessen the burden experienced by previous volunteers.

March 1974

Dr. Martin announced that NAFSA was planning a random sampling survey for the purpose of determining existing resources and foreign student employment involvement and needs. Wayne State University is among seven major institutions in the United States asked to participate in this questionnaire study.

May 1974

OIS hosted the Men's Glee Club from Japan in the Community Arts Auditorium. OIS also sponsored a weekend get away to the Michigan thumb area in early May. The planning committee set May 17th as the date for the 4th Annual International Fair.

September 1974

The host committee requested that Wayne State University make its resources available for the "The Fiftieth Anniversary Meeting of the World Energy Conference." The Office of the Provost has pledged an honorarium for those students that participate.

October 1974

Michigan International Week would take place on October 20 - 27 and the theme for this event is "Canada, Our Neighbor." The weekly Food Co-Op continues to function well.

December 1974

The ISO sponsored trips to Greenfield Village and Cranbrook Institute of Science. The visit to Cranbrook also included a luncheon at Boltwood home.

March 1975

ISO began planning a trip to Stratford, Ontario to see the Twelfth Night at Shakespeare play in June. ISO suggested that students desiring fulltime summer employment needed to file their application early to insure an early response. Last year only 8 applicants out of the 50 application requests were approved.

May 1975

Mr. Bryan Smith, Foreign Student Advisor, in ISO announced that he has accepted the Director position at The International Institute. Mr. Smith came to us from the institute.

October 1975

President George E. Gullen, Jr and Mrs. Gullen again hosted a reception for international faculty, medical residents and students in the Student Center Building, Hilberry Lounge. in mid October.

December 1975

There was very activity reported in the Crossroads for this period. However, it is worthy to note that the Organization of American States will sponsor a Bicentennial Competition in honor of the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence in which Latin America had a significant influence.

January 1976

Mr. Sheldon Gary, Program Assistant at the International Student House in Washington will be filling in for Bryan Smith who is on leave of absence until June 30, 1976. Also, Dr. Gale Martin resigned from the University over the recent holidays. Dr. Martin sited poor health as the reason.

February 1976

The ISSO presented the first in a series on noon lunch programs at the end of January. Mr. Sheldon Gary presented a slide show illustrating the life of the Dayak people who live in Malaysian Borneo. The series is designed to give both Americans and foreign students insight into the ways of our neighbors.

April 1976

The ISSO made available a limited number of tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters in mid April.

May 1976

The International Fair Committee conducted two events this year. The first event was the "International Cultural Show" on May 14th. The second event, a week later, was the "6th Annual International Fair."

June 1976

The ISSO held a Quarter-Ending Picnic at Kensington Park on June 19. Participants were asked to bring a pot-luck dish for 8 people.

October 1976

The Food Co-Op continues to thrive but help is needed to continue. Volunteers to accompany a staff member to the market to purchase the food, setting up the bags for the participants, and cleaning up at the end of the day are sought. A group will be forming next month to visit a local ski lodge for evening skiing and lessons. The program will be lead by Mr. Gary.

December 1976

The skiing program initiated by Mr. Sheldon Gary receive a boost as the Detroit Free Press made available special discount coupons for students to learn to ski at various ski lodges in the local area during January and February.

January 1977

The ISSO organized a bus trip to Northland shopping center on January 5th using local bus transportation. Round trip bus fare fro DeRoy Apartments to Northland was $0.80. Two days later ISSO conducted a trip the Cranbrook Institute of Science.

February 1977

ISO published an Adventure Pack. This very comprehensive publication targeted students that wanted to travel abroad. It offered tips on how to survive, transportation in another country, National Events of Interest and a myriad of important emergency information.

April 1977

A long standing requirement of filing an application and being granted approval for fulltime summer employment ended with the announcement by the Immigration and Naturalization Services that there will be no separate employment permission for the summer quarter. Part-time employment permission grants fulltime work during the summer quarter.