Tax Information

Please note: US tax regulations are complex. The information contained here and in any linked website is provided solely as a service to the Wayne University community. Wayne State University hereby disclaims all warranties as to the accuracy of such information and shall have no liability of any kind for any use made of such information by any person or organization. Tax advice should be obtained from a competent tax professional.

2017 Tax Season

2017 Tax Workshop

This year's tax workshop was held on March 9, 2018.

However, the workshop's presentation material is available:

Tax Software

We have selected Sprintax for tax preparation software.  Federal returns and Form 8843 preperations are free.  If you choose, you can upgrade your account and also file your State Tax return(s).

2017 Sprintax Access Codes 

  • As of 3/20/2018 all available access codes have been allocated.

For those students that previously used the GLACIER Tax Prep software you can still login and access your past tax returns.