Work Authorization

Important Changes in the Work Authorization and I-9 Process for Non-immigrants

Effective January 19, 2010, Wayne State University procedures require that non-immigrants, including students, must receive work authorization  from the Office of International Students and Scholars prior to working for WSU.  The old OISS paper form is no longer valid for clearance.  The second important change is that all non-immigrants will complete I-9 processing in their hiring department.  OISS will no longer complete the I-9 process for non-immigrants.  The new procedure is as follows:

Work Authorization and I-9 Procedures

  • Authorized WSU users in the hiring department will submit an on-line work authorization request to OISS to receive employment approval.
  • Once approved, OISS will communicate the authorized periods of employment to the hiring department. 
  • The non-immigrant employee will meet with their hiring unit to complete I-9 processing.

This is a reminder that all non-immigrants must receive work authorization approval from OISS before beginning employment.

Do not hesitate to contact OISS should you require additional information or have any questions. 

For Student Assistant's please complete and submit an offer letter.  A template is available here for your convenience.  The offier letter MUST be on department letterhead.

Note: Access to the Work Authorization System

If you need access to the Work Authorization Portal, please contact the OISS office at and request access.   A staff member will be in touch with you to complete a brief training session and grant access.

For the request for work authorization clearance Click Here