Scholar Health Insurance Requirements

To apply for the OISS WSU Scholar Health Insurance log on to and click the enroll link that pertains to you.

Informational Flyers:

Understanding the Scholar Health Insurance Requirement
How to Use Your Student Health Insurance Plan



The U.S. Department of State regulations (22 C.F.R § 62.14) requires all J exchange visitors to have health insurance for the entire duration of their DS-2019. Any J-1 exchange visitor who willfully or negligently does not purchase health insurance for themselves and/or their family will be terminated from the WSU Exchange Visitor program.

All J-1 visiting scholars and their J-2 dependents must purchase the OISS international health insurance plan currently provided by Relation Insurance Services.
We do not accept Travel Insurance. Do not purchase health insurance in your home country because in most instances it will not meet the Wayne State University Health Insurance Standards, which are compliant with the U.S. Federal Health Care Reform Law known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Do not ask us to violate either the federal regulations that govern your visa status or federal PPACA law by accepting your health insurance plan that does not meet these requirements.


WSU requires repatriation and medical evacuation coverage for all interntaional students and scholars, except for commuting Canadian students.

Effictive October 1, 2020, the Office of International Students and Scholars will cover the cost of the repatriation insurance for the 2020-2021 academic year,

To ensure your and your dependent's repatriation coverage please complete the Repatriation & Medical Evacuation form and return it to the OISS office at

Please note:  The repatriation and medical evacuation coverage is required to be renewed annually along with your health insurance.


J-1 Canadian Students and Scholars can no longer use their OHIP as proof of health insurance coverage. OHIP does not provide adequate coverage while here in the U.S, and does not meet the Department of State health insurance requirements and is not PPACA compliant. All J-1 Canadian students and scholars must purchase the OISS WSU health insurance currently provided by Relation Insurance Services. TRAVEL INSURANCE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AS IT FAILS TO MEET HEALTH INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS.

To enroll in the OISS WSU International Student Health Insurance, log on to and click the enroll link that pertains to you.


Unless otherwise noted, payments are made directly to Relation Insurance Services, on-line, during the enrollment process. Visa and Mastercard are accepted.