All Forms

Beginning August 1, 2010, OISS will no longer have forms available in the office. All student and scholar forms are downloadable and can be printed from here.

F1 - F2 Status Forms

Application for I-20
Bank Statement / Statement of Financial Support
CPT (Curricular Practical Training) Recommendation
Departure/Completion of Program
Employment based on Economic Hardship
Exception to Full-time Enrollment 
F-1 Concurrent Enrollment
F-1 Transfer Out
Full Time Equivalency Request

OISS Release of Information Form
OPT STEM 24 Month Extension Overview
OPT STEM 24 Month Extension Application
OPT Information Reporting (Online)
OPT (Optional Practical Training) Recommendation
Request for Program Extension
Statement of Financial Support
Full Time Status Reminder

Change of Status Forms

USCIS : Changing to a Nonimmigrant F or M Student Status

Change of Status – B-2 to F-1 Student 
Change of Status – F1 Student to F2 Dependent
Change of Status – F2 Dependent to F1 Student

Change of Status – H-1B Worker to F1 Student
Change of Status – H-4 Dependent to F1 Student

H-1B Status Forms

H-1B (#1): Checklist
H-1B (#2): Checklist for Extensions and Amendments
H-1B (#3): Request Form - Part A (To be completed by WSU employing department)
H-1B (#4): Request Form - Part B (To be completed by foreign national)

H-1B (#5): Actual Wage Worksheet
H-1B (#6): Sample Position Description
H-1B (#7): Memo - OISS Processing and USCIS Filing Fees for H-1B Petitions
H-1B: Extensions Beyond 6th Year
H-1B: Information and Application Packet

J-1 Visiting Scholar Forms

J-1: Visiting Scholar Information and Request Forms        
J-1: Roles and Responsibilities of an Exchange Visitor                               
J-1: Checklist
J-1: DS-2019 Request Forms
J-1: Minimum Funding Requirments
J-1: Federal SEVIS Fee
J-1: Foreign National Physician Letter
J-1: Scholar Incidental Employment
J-1: Important Changes in J-1 Professor and Research Scholar Program
J-1: Notice of Absence/Departure From the United States
J-1: Change of Category
J-1: Procedures for J-1 Scholar Transfer to Wayne State University
J-1: Transfer-Out Request Form