All Forms

Beginning August 1, 2010, OISS will no longer have forms available in the office. All student and scholar forms are downloadable and can be printed from here.

F1 - F2 Status Forms

Application for I-20 (pdf)
Bank Statement / Statement of Financial Support (pdf)
CPT (Curricular Practical Training) Workshop Slides (pdf)
CPT (Curricular Practical Training) Training Module
CPT (Curricular Practical Training) Recommendation (pdf)     
Departure/Completion of Program (pdf)
Employment based on Economic Hardship (pdf)
Exception to Full-time Enrollment  (pdf)
F-1 Concurrent Enrollment (pdf)
F-1 Transfer Out (pdf)
Full Time Equivalency Request (pdf)
F-1 Transfer in Clearance Form (pdf)
OISS Release of Information Form (pdf)
OPT STEM 24 Month Extension Overview 
OPT STEM 24 Month Extension Application (pdf) 
OPT STEM 24 Month Extension - Change in Employment (pdf)
OPT Information Reporting (Online - Updated)
OPT (Optional Practical Training) Recommendation
Form I-765 Completion Guidelines (pdf)
Request for Program Extension (pdf)
Statement of Financial Support (pdf)
Full Time Status Reminder (pdf)

Change of Status Forms

USCIS : Changing to a Nonimmigrant F or M Student Status

Change of Status – B-2 to F-1 Student (pdf) 
Change of Status – F1 Student to F2 Dependent (pdf)
Change of Status – F2 Dependent to F1 Student (pdf)

Change of Status – H-1B Worker to F1 Student (pdf)
Change of Status – H-4 Dependent to F1 Student (pdf)

H-1B Status Forms

H-1B (#1): Checklist (pdf)
H-1B (#2): Checklist for Extensions and Amendments (pdf)
H-1B (#3): Request Form - Part A (To be completed by WSU employing department) (pdf)
H-1B (#4): Request Form - Part B (To be completed by foreign national) (pdf)

H-1B (#5): Actual Wage Worksheet (pdf)
H-1B (#6): Sample Position Description (doc)
H-1B (#7): Memo - OISS Processing and USCIS Filing Fees for H-1B Petitions (pdf)
H-1B: Extensions Beyond 6th Year (pdf)
H-1B: Information and Application Packet (pdf)

J-1 Visiting Scholar Forms

J-1: Visiting Scholar Information and Request Forms  (pdf)       
J-1: Roles and Responsibilities of an Exchange Visitor (pdf)                               
J-1: Checklist (pdf)
J-1: DS-2019 Request Forms (pdf)
J-1: Minimum Funding Requirements (pdf)
J-1: Federal SEVIS Fee (pdf)
J-1: Foreign National Physician Letter (pdf)
J-1: Scholar Incidental Employment (pdf)
J-1: Important Changes in J-1 Professor and Research Scholar Program (pdf)
J-1: Notice of Absence/Departure From the United States (pdf)
J-1: Change of Category (pdf)
J-1: Procedures for J-1 Scholar Transfer to Wayne State University (pdf)
J-1: Transfer-Out Request Form (pdf)