H-1B Status

Temporary Worker in a Speciality Occupation

H-1B Visa

The H-1B visa is for an individual in the U.S. to perform professional services for a sponsoring employer in a specific position for a fixed period of time. Employment authorization is granted for an initial period of up to three years. Extensions for an additional three years are possible, for a maximum stay of six years (exceptions for individuals going through the permanent residency process)

H-4 Visa

The H-4 visa is for the spouse and children of a H-1B visa holder.


H-1B Applications: no earlier than 6 months in advance but no later than 1 1/2 month prior to the status expiration date/start of employment

11/11/2010 : Important new Regulations

H-1B: Information and Application Packet (pdf)
H-1B (#1): Checklist (pdf)
H-1B (#2): Checklist for Extensions and Amendments (pdf)
H-1B (#3): Request Form - Part A (To be completed by WSU employing department) (pdf)
H-1B (#4): Request Form - Part B (To be completed by foreign national) (pdf)
H-1B (#5): Actual Wage Worksheet (pdf)
H-1B (#6): Sample Position Description (pdf)
H-1B (#7): Memo - OISS Processing and USCIS Filing Fees for H-1B Petitions (pdf)
H-1B: Extensions Beyond 6th Year (pdf)

 Change of Status

Change of Status – H-1B Worker to F1 Student (pdf)
Change of Status – H-4 Dependent to F1 Student (pdf)