J1/J2 Scholar Status

Exchange Visitor

J-1 Scholar

J-1 professional/professor/scholar status are for individuals in the U.S. visiting as researchers, professors, and short-term scholars, under the authority of the Department of State (DOS) and a designated program sponsor. J-1 Exchange Visitor (Short-term Scholar, Professor, Researcher, or Specialist).

J-1 Intern

J-1 student Intern status allows students outside the United States to participate as an intern in the U.S. related to their degree objective they are pursuing at their home institution. The J-1 intern must be a full-time student in a degree seeking program outside the U.S.
Both categories require a DS-2019, which is a certificate of eligibility for exchange visitor status.


DS-2019 Applications: no earlier than 3 months in advance, but no later than 3 weeks prior to the status expiration date/start of employment

J-1: Visiting Scholar Information and Request Forms (pdf)
J-1 (#1): Roles and Responsibilities of an Exchange Visitor (pdf)
J-1 (#2): Checklist (pdf)
J-1 Extension Checklist (pdf)
J-1 (#3): DS-2019 Request Forms (pdf)
J-1 (#4): Minimum Funding Requirements (pdf)
J-1 (#5): Federal SEVIS Fee (pdf)
J-1 (#6): Foreign National Physician Letter (pdf)
J-1 (#7): Transfer-Out Request Form (pdf)
J-1 (#8): Scholar Incidental Employment (pdf)
J-1 (#10): Important Changes in J-1 Professor and Research Scholar Program (pdf)
J-1 Notice of Absence/Departure From the United States (pdf)
J-1: Change of Category (pdf)
J-1: Procedures for J-1 Scholar Transfer to Wayne State University (pdf)

J-1 Intern Information (pdf)