Incidental Employment

J-1 professors and researchers may participate in occasional outside lectures and short-term consultations as long as it is approved in advance and in writing by an OISS scholar advisor.

The adviser must evaluate the proposed employment in terms of your program objectives and your individual circumstances, and then determine whether it would be appropriate or not.

The proposed employment must:

1. Be directly related to the objectives of your Exchange Visitor program;
2. Be incidental to your primary activities; and
3. Not delay the completion of your Exchange Visitor program.

The term occasional embodies the concept of single events rather than an ongoing activity.

To obtain authorization for incidental employment, you must make an appointment and present the following to an adviser in the OISS:

  1. A letter of offer from the prospective employer describing the terms and conditions of the proposed employment, including the duration, the number of hours, the field or subject, the amount of compensation, and a description of the activity for which you are being hired.


  2. A letter from your department head or supervisor at Wayne State University:
    1. Referring to the letter from the prospective employer;
    2. Confirming that the employment is directly related to your principal activity, is indeed incidental, and will not delay completion of your program;
    3. Explaining how the proposed activity would enhance your Exchange Visitor program; and
    4. Recommending approval of the employment.

If the adviser in OISS approves, you will be given a letter of employment authorization.

A letter from the OISS advisor confirming that the activity meets the requirements will serve as authorization of this employment for the exchange visitor's and the employer's record. No Form I-9 should be required of the exchange visitor by the outside employer because the visitor is acting as an independent contractor.

For more information, please see an OISS scholar advisor.