Minimum Funding Requirements

Effective October 2006
  Per Term
(4 months)

Academic Year
(9 months)
Calendar Year
(12 months)
Room and Board*
$3,860 $8,685 $11,580
Health Insurance $324 and up $620 and up $829 and up
Miscellaneous** $1,632 $3,672 $4,896
$5,816 $12,977 $17,305


Add $500 each month for the first dependent, and $400 for each addition dependent.

* Room and board estimates are based on an average monthly rent of $600 and approximately $12 for food per day.

** The miscellaneous expense will vary with the needs and spending habits of the scholar; clothing, transportation, laundry and cleaning, toilet articles, medical expense not covered by insurance, hair cuts, leisure activities, etc.

HEALTH INSURANCE IS MANDATORY. You must purchase insurance for yourself and your J-2 dependents immediately upon arrival to the U.S.

You must also be prepared to meet increasing costs due to inflation and other fluctuating economic conditions on a continuing basis.