General Information

The Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) coordinates employment-based immigration issues for visiting scholars or temporary foreign workers and their dependents. OISS does this in conjunction with WSU academic departments and other University units who are considering, or wish to invite, scholars for collaborative, observational, or employment activities.

WSU sponsors foreign scholars in four primary immigration categories:

  • H-1B Temporary Worker
  • J-1 Exchange Visitor
  • TN NAFTA Professionals
  • O-1 Person of Extraordinary Ability

H-1B1 Temporary Workers are typically hired for employment after a comprehensive recruitment process. They enter the US in H-1B non-immigrant status, and may be employed for up to six years in a specialty occupation. All H-1Bs must be supported entirely by WSU.

J-1 Exchange Visitors come to Wayne State to do research, teach, consult, etc. in a non-tenured position for a temporary period of time. They enter the US in J-1 non-immigrant status for as little as a few days or for as long as five years. Some are funded by WSU, while others come with their own financing.

TN NAFSA Professionals are Canadian and Mexican citizens who come to Wayne State to work up to three (3) years at a time in an occupation approved by the NAFTA Free Trade Agreement.

O-1 Person of Extraordinary classification is reserved only for individuals who have achieved and sustained national or international acclaim for extraordinary ability in science, arts, education, business, athletics, motion picture, or television industries.

An international professional who would like to come to WSU as a scholar should contact a professor in the WSU department he or she wants to be affiliated with, OR apply for a position in response to a job advertisement. The scholar should discuss the feasibility of the visit directly with the department, including such topics as what the scholar will do (teach, conduct research, etc.), the duration of the visit, the amount of funding required, and who will provide that funding. The WSU website provides a list of all University departments and their faculty members.

If a WSU department decides that it is feasible to invite or hire a scholar, the department should contact OISS to discuss which immigration status is most appropriate for the scholar to use. All scholar-related OISS application forms and instructions can be found here.

 Please note: OISS is not able to respond to inquiries from scholars until it has first discussed the case with the host department.