Wayne State is dedicated to providing a safe environment for everyone that spends time on or around their campus.

Wayne State Police Department

Emergency contact number: (313)577-2222 or 7-2222 from a campus phone.

The Wayne State University Police Department provides a full range of professional police services to both the main and medical center campuses as well as the surrounding neighborhoods.

They are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are dedicated to providing Wayne State students, staff, faculty, visitors and guests with prompt, courteous and professional police services.

Emergency Phones

Approximately 297 Emergency Telephones blanket the WSU campus. 176 of these Blue Light emergency phones are located at outdoor locations across campus. 121 emergency phones are indoor emergency phones with one located inside every elevator of every campus building. All of these phones are easy to operate and may be used as either a direct line to the WSUPD Dispatch Center or to make free calls to on-campus telephone numbers. To operate these phones in an emergency, simply push the red “emergency” button of the front of the phone panel. There is no need to dial a phone number as the emergency phone will make a direct connection to the WSUPD Dispatch Center automatically and the call will be received as an incoming emergency services request.